New Partnership with Lancaster and Edward Don & Company

Columbus, Ohio – In a continuing effort to provide a selection of readily available and high quality products, Lancaster Commercial Products is happy to announce a new partnership with Edward Don & Company.  The majority of our catalog will be available to their network consisting of over 70,000 Foodservice customers. Brands included are Lancaster Commercial Glass, Wescon Lodging Supplies, Ocean Professional, and Pure & Simple.

As a family owned company, Lancaster understands as well as appreciates the culture and service promoted within the Foodservice industry by the Don family. With an aggressive growth initiative in our Foodservice Division, we are pleased to have the opportunity to evolve with DON during this exciting time. DON’s network of over 300 Sales Representatives and fleet of over 100 delivery trucks offer increased accessibility to Lancaster’s Foodservice and Hospitality products across the United States. Through DON’s advisors and annual “Big Book,” we will be given nationwide exposure, which is why we are excited to showcase our wide selection of new products for 2018.

Together with our own team of Foodservice Manufacturer Representatives, we look forward to reaching a wider customer base across as many markets as possible in 2018 and beyond.  Through our presence at regional events, our teams have the opportunity to thoroughly educate Edward Don & Company’s network of customers on the Lancaster product catalog.

Please reach out to our Sales Team with any questions and be sure to look for our new products in DON’s Fall Advisor!

R. James

About R. James

Rudy is the Director of Marketing and Operations for Lancaster Commercial Products. You can usually find him at a Tradeshow...or on the phone. He has a background in Channel Sales and Marketing but finds his true passion in Operations and dealing with the waves.


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