Announcing the Wescon Boutique Line

Manhattan, New York – The undeniable shift in Hospitality Interior Design has forced a very interesting conversation and the need for even the largest Hotel and Resort brands to have a Boutique offering. With that being said the normal process of obtaining “Boutique Style” in-room goods like Soap Dishes, Ice Buckets, and Trays can be a tough task with many challenges. Finding products with both hospitality quality and supply chain availability while boasting a refreshing look can be a huge hurdle for Designers, Owners, and Operators alike.

With all of this in mind Lancaster Commercial Products set out to deliver a line that matched the Boutique feel the market is looking for while delivering on quality, availability, and affordability. In step our “Wescon Boutique” offering, focused on iconic materials and a warm trendy feel that is flexible and allows you to make a statement with your properties. Matched with over 40 years of experience in the Hospitality Supply Chain, these collections don’t require any special orders and are readily available on the market.


Alistaire Collection Includes: 3QT Ice Bucket, 2QT Ice Bucket, 12QT Wastebasket, Amenity Tray, Towel Tray, Soap Dish, Soap Pump, and Tissue Box.

Warm elegance and sophistication meet with the Alistaire Collection, featuring a combination of Sandstone Resin and Stainless Steel, these products are sure to elevate any property’s experience. Our brushed bases add accent while avoiding fingerprints and adding a barrier to the elements. Plastic Liners are included and removable for easy cleaning or replacement.



Wood Essentials Collection Includes: 3QT Ice Bucket, 2QT Ice Bucket, 12QT Wastebasket, Amenity Tray, Towel Tray, Room Tray, Turn Down Tray, Cotton Box, Boutique Tissue Box, Flat Tissue Box, and Soap Dish

The use of renewable materials gets more and more important every day. That is why with the initial success of our Wood Essentials Collection we have decided to update and expand the range. Moving away from the oval form factor, we favored a more modern rectangular shape in design. With the addition of a 2QT Ice Bucket, Wastebasket, Tissue Boxes, Room Tray, and Soap Dish this becomes a truly versatile In-Room solution. Keeping the elements in mind we chose to include a 2-piece resin insert for the Soap Dish, extending its lifetime and making it super easy to clean.


Ashford Collection Includes: 3QT Square Ice Bucket, 12QT Wastebasket, Boutique Tissue Box, Amenity Tray, Towel Tray, and Soap Dish

Simple lines and a marble finish allow the Ashford Collection to add a bit of refinement to any amenities. With a unique finish on each piece and a timeless quality to the design, this line is a perfect option for brand standards or one-off boutique builds. Keeping it simple has never looked so good.



Hudson Collection Includes: 3QT Square Ice Bucket 12QT Wastebasket, Boutique Tissue Box, Amenity Tray, Towel Tray, Room Tray, and Soap Dish

With careful selection of material and a few detailed add-on options, the Hudson Collection’s stitched leatherette is ready for the challenges of Hospitality. The tissue box with false bottom and resin topped soap dish will be appreciated by your Housekeeping staff. Our “jewelry box style” Ice Bucket offers a new take on a classic bar service item your guest’s will admire. Finished off with a soft faux leatherette this collection looks to redefine a Hospitality staple.

Where To Find Them?

Lines are currently available through Lancaster Commercial Products network of resale partners, including Guest Supply, American Hotel, and Valiant Products. For further information on availability please contact our Sales Team.

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